Percent moisture in EFB also high (some time above 55%). Chlorine increases changes of high temperature corrosion. Boiler design needs special design consideration to overcome these issues. UDBT have hands on experience on four boilers and has understanding of fuel. UDBT can assure better design of boiler with maximum availability.

  • Folded furnace with tail end type construction.
  • Experience on Travelling, Reciprocating & Vibratory grate.
  • Optimum heat release rate maintained considering moisture, volatile & fixed carbon in a fuel.
  • Pusher, Screw & Gravity feeding system selection based on Stoker technology.
  • Effective dust removal with induced vibration by Rapping mechanism along with steam soot blowers.
  • Robust design supported & guided in such way to have minimum thermal stresses while operations.
  • Well design and sized hoppers with RAV for minimum ash accumulation.
  • Experienced Design and Drafting team

#Sr.No Customer Name Capacity(TPH) Temp(Deg C) Pressure(Bar G) #Scope
1 SS Engineers,Pune 25 380 45 Complete Design
2 Meru Industries,Pune 25 205 17.5 Complete Design
3 Dhampue Sugar Ltd. Dhampur,UP 75 400 45 Owner Technologis
4 Dhampue Sugar Ltd. Asmoli,UP 35 400 45 Owner Technologis