UDBT is a pioneer in various Boilders for the wide range of fuels and combustion technologies. Over last decade with extensive efforts and practical knowledge we have successfully developed boiler to efficiently cater the current refulatory requirement of Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD) Compliance. We have delivered an innovative solution to meet the varying fuel availability situation. Incinerating Spent wash along with the proportionately balanced mixture of Bagasse or Coal in the same facility has been a remarkable step for plants requiring flexibility in fuel coninations.

We have achieved long time between two consecutive cleaning cycles. The cleaning will include the water wall, super-heater, evaporator and econimiser section. The total time required will be 3-4 days. The cleaning frequiency and duration is an estimated one, and will be decided based on the actial operatiing parameters/condition.

We can also design spent wash fired boiler along with coal or rice husk as supplementary fuel by using FBC technology.

  • Boiler constrution is tail end type with floded furance construction and horzontal convection section.
  • The Fouling poential is miimised throught multi-pass design and with online cleaning systems.
  • The older is designed such that it is easily maintainable.
  • The convective section of the boilder(consisting of Economiser, Superheater and Evaporator) are of vertical tubes.
  • The total assembly is of Gas tight construction.
  • A Steam Coil Air Preheater is provided to preheat combustion air. This is required to maintain the bed from quenching.
  • Travelling grate to provided efficient combustion of fuel combinations.
    Spent was with Bagasse
    Spent was with coal
  • Less than 30% supplementary fuel needed.
  • Economaical design as low CAPEX and low OPEX
  • Many innovative concepts to take care of fouling due to combustion eutectic.

#Sr.No Customer Name Capacity(TPH) Temp(Deg C) Pressure(Bar G) Scope
1 SS Engineers,Pune 25 380 45 Complete Design
2 Meru Industries,Pune 25 205 17.5 Complete Design
3 Dhampue Sugar Ltd. Dhampur,UP 75 400 45 Owner Technologist
4 Dhampue Sugar Ltd. Asmoli,UP 35 400 45 Owner Technologist