For fuel-fired industrial heating, preheating the combustion air flowing to the burners is one of the most efficient and energy-conserving ways to enhance the productivity of your processes. Investing in a customized system designed by UDBT, recuperating the heat energy from the exhaust gas stream, not only reduces the CO2 emission and climate change, it reuses available energy in a smart way while saving you fuel consumption and costs.

We supply a wide variety of custom-made air preheaters (APH) for applications to heat the air for furnaces, industrial boilers, steam reformers, box heaters, vertical cylindrical heaters, incineration systems, ammonia and methanol plants, and fired heaters. Depending on your application, we design preheaters manufactured for various media from a range of materials suitable for low temperatures or high temperatures

Example industries for combustion air preheaters:

  • Energy (power plant, combined heat and power (CHP), gas-fired, oil-fired, coal-fired and biomass-fired)
  • Oil and gas industry
  • (Petro)Chemical industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry

  • Modular units for larger air preheaters (APH)
  • Compact design
  • Wide variety of materials for optimal thermal conductivity
  • Cost-effective calculations for optimal capacity
  • Both cross flow and counter flow configurations
  • Seal welded round tubes

#Sr.No Client No. of Equipments Year Status
1 Sesa Goa(Vedanta) Pvt. Ltd. 2 2012 & 2015 Commissioned
2 Tata Metaliks, Kharagpur 1 2017 Commissioned
3 KIC Metaliks, Durgapur 1 2017 Commissioned