Urja Disha was established in 2003 with ambition to provide boiler technology to steam utility industry. We have complete engineering expertise in the field of fired and unfired (waste heat recovery, process integrated) boilers. We have rebranded ourselves as Urja Disha Boiler Technologies in 2014 with a vision to serve our customers better.

We have successfully engineered and commissioned a wide range of boiler configurations to suit process, combustion operational needs of the boiler and worked on many non conventional systems. Our range of services starts right from the decision of boiler configuration to commissioning and trouble shooting. We have handled boiler in the range is from as small as 200kg/hr to 140 ton/hr capacity boiler and from 10.5 kg/cm2 pressure to 110 kg/cm2 with 520 deg c rating.

We have experience in various combustion techniques like stoker fired (dumping grate, traveling grate, reciprocating grate), atmospheric fluidised bed. We can design waste heat recovery boiler for metallurgical industry waste gases, cement industry waste gases, diesel and gas fired engines, gas turbines etc.

We are also capable of designing process integrated boilers like in chemical industries- like H2SO4 plant, nitric acid plant etc. & oil and gas fired heaters and large capacity boilers.

Mission: Provide design and engineering services for steam generators and power plant with commitment to excellence

Vision: To be leading technologist in the field of fired and unfired steam generators

Area Of Expertise
  • Design and Detail Engineering of Boilers.
  • Power Plant Engineering.
  • Mechanical designing of fired heaters.
  • Energy management
  • Piping engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Refractory engineering
  • Special Purpose Engineering
  • Commissioning Services
Core competency
    1) Process & Mechanical design and detailing of:
    • a) Process integrated boilers
    • b)Waste heat recovery boilers
    • c)Fired Boilers -Solid, Liquid, Gas fuels