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Coke Drying System

Coke Drying System

Urja-Disha has develop very innovative design for utilization of various waste gases in steel plant (Stove, Sinter plant, Boiler off gases, coke battery exhaust etc.) for drying of coke, Iron ores, Pallets by adopting moving pack-bed concept.

Our designs are very safe to operate & reliable and satisfy pollution board guidelines.

Our system helps to utilized sensible heat from waste gases which help to remove unwanted moisture from coke ore & pallets resulting in to reduction in coke consumption & helps to improve blast furnace performance.

Urja-Disha is having vast experience of designing such systems from 35 TPH to 350 TPH Capacity & dry coke up to 2.5% level.

This system helps to reduce green house gases which otherwise could have been generated for generation of separate energy for drying.

Most of the systems have ROI less than a year.


  • Pig Iron plant
  • Cement industries
  • Coke oven battery
  • Calcination plant