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Urja-Disha is an Extended Design office for all global OEMs & End users, with experience in wide verities of technologies for combustion of fuels for steam generation, Fired heaters, and utilization of waste energy for plant utilities with a track record of delivering highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective designs in shortest cycle time.

Urja-Disha is only one company having experience of wide verities of dirty & hostile fuels and corrosive, erosive & hazardous waste gases, which call for complete Non-conventional designs& approaches.

You can outsource your complex boiler & waste heat recovery design problems to Urja-Disha which will bring you, substantial savings& improved execution efficiencies at a modest price.

We have developed innovative designs and techniques for a wide range of biomass, industrial waste, and fossil fuels by using various types of Stokers and FBC principles for Power generation, Process application, and Cogeneration.

We design various types of fired, unfired Boilers with conventional & nonconventional constructions for standard and tailor-made applications,

  • CAPACITY RANGE: 0.007 TPH to 200 TPH,
  • PRESSURE RANGE: 10Kg/Cm2 to 110 Kg/Cm2
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 100°C to 540°C
  • CODES: IBR 1950, ASME Sec l, BS 1113, TRD, ASME Sec.VIII etc.


  • Conceptualizing boiler configuration suitable for service conditions.
  • Thermal & hydraulic sizing of the system
  • Defining specifications of fuel storage preparation & handling system, Ash handling & storage system.
  • Defining the Specification of pollution control equipment.
  • Preparation of General Arrangement & system layout
  • Pressure parts assembly code calculations & component shop drawings
  • Structural analysis, Foundation loading, component shop drawings.
  • Piping analysis, Support arrangements & Isometric views.
  • Defining control philosophy, P&I Diagram, Cause & effect diagram, Hazop study
  • Preparation of valve schedules
  • Support for vendor data evaluation
  • O&M manual & training.

We are equipped with the latest design & drafting software along with engineering standard and very effective world-class operating processes, it ensures Zero error & Right at the first-time output.

We also extend support for the feasibility study, concept notes, pre-order estimation, troubleshooting, and continual operational guidance by using “IOT” technology.

    1. Stoker fired :
      1. Fixed grate
      2. Dumping grate
      3. Traveling grate
      4. Pulsating grate
      5. Pinhole grate
      6. Reciprocating grate: We have our own design of reciprocating grate, a specifical design for dirty fuels.
      7. Vibrating grate
    2. Fluidized bed :
      1. Atmospheric fluidized bed (AFBC)
Sr. No. Fuel Type Fuel
1 Biomass Bagasse
  Rubber wood
  Julia Flora
  Rice Husk
  Corn Stalk
  Cow Dung
  Saw Dust
  Wheat Straw
  Paddy Straw
2 Nonstandard fuels  Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)
  Municipal Solid Waste,
  Rubber bark wood
  Mustered Husk
  Cotton Stalk
  Palm fiber & Shell
  Spent Wash ( 1G ethanol Technology )
  Lignin cake + Syrup of 2G ethanol technology
3 Fossil Fuels K Lignite
  Indian Coal
  Indonesian Coal
4 Oils  Furnace Oil
5 Gases Carbon Monoxide
  Coke Oven Gas
  Blast Furnace Gas
  Natural Gas

Unfired Boiler

  • CAPACITY RANGE: 7 kg/hr to 400 ton/hr.
  • PRESSURE RANGE: 10 kg/cm² to 110 kg/cm²
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 100⁰C to 540⁰C
  • CODES: IBR 1950, ASME Sec.I , ASME Sec.VIII, BS 1113, TRD etc
    1. Metallurgical Industry :
      1. Coke dry quenching
      2. Sponge iron kiln
      3. Coke own battery
      4. Sinter plant
      5. Heating furnaces
      6. E of furnace
    2. Petroleum Refinery :
      1. H2 Reformer
      2. Sulphur recovery units
      3. Clause process incinerator
      4. FCCU exhaust
    3. Chemical Plant:
      1. Sulphuric acid plant
    4. Incinerators :
      1. Volatile organic combustor
      2. Cyanide
      3. Process gas
    5. Exhaust gases :
      1. DG Set
      2. Gas turbines